Cartridges Survive, Discs Die

I enjoy collecting things and reflecting on the past. And playing Donkey Kong Country.

The current eighth generation of gaming continues to bring forth beautifully designed games with crisp game play and hundreds of gigabytes packed onto each fragile disc, (which were introduced in the fifth generation with the PlayStation).

So here’s a question for the gamers out there that double as collectors and enjoy the modernized interaction of today’s games. Will discs ever last to forever enclose the sensation of adventure like cartridges have?

Discs have to be handled very carefully and even then can easily be permanently scratched, which ruins the entire game because the content will not be loaded to a console. On the other hand, cartridges rarely proposed a problem for the player, and on that rare occasion, blowing into the contacts of the slot would fix it.

How come mass gaming companies have changed to discs? It’s simple, discs are slim and more modern looking than blocks of plastic, and increasingly more delicate. Delicacy means damage which means more people needing to hustle into Game Stop and buy another copy of Dark Souls III.

Keep discs safe.


Author: thelukehutch

Mason '19

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