Hypocrisy in the Rainbow

Hypocrisy never furthers the prosperity of the institutions or people who utilize it.

As an ambitious, young gay person, I notice that the image of the homosexual community does not evidence hope of improving, stopped by hypocrisy.

Millions of alternative teens claim an LGBT rights activist status that advocates utter equality and then go on to lead with an immature agenda used on sexual orientation and the stereotypes that follow with it. They frequently ask for their relationships to be viewed the same as a man and woman, but then flaunt the fact that they are gay with every little detail of the day.

 Heterosexual people rarely stretch something out tirelessly to relate to their sexual preferences, and when they do, it’s looked upon as undoubtedly inappropriate. How can you be surprised that your neighbor doesn’t support gay rights when you seem to purposely further yourself from social norms?

While I think young gay people are batteries to empower such childishness the most, I also believe things exist that inspire them to be like this (or shield from choice all together). Huffpost makes a valid point while explaining the reasoning for some people’s objection to gay pride parades, stating, “Some fault them for giving foes of the community ammunition with which to disparage the movement,” and this is entirely true. These parades that solely exist to celebrate our progression and glorify what it means to be gay end up portraying flamboyant displays that enforce the stereotype that LGBT people are silly, genderbending, sex-crazed freaks.

So while June 17th comes closer and will stand as the one year mark since the United States nationally legalized same-sex marriage in 2015, always keep in mind that real people were granted the right of marriage, not the amplified characters that have become commonly displayed.FullSizeRender (1)


Author: thelukehutch

Mason '19

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