Are you really there?

266 days ago I started feeling the same unhealthy attachment to Snapchat streaks as many of my peers, but I’m just now coming to realize how exactly the app affects me – and it’s not simply a marketing technique; it’s utter control over my reality.

When I find myself engaged in an activity that isn’t commonplace (or just out of the house), I have this stinging feeling to take a “quick” picture and send it to my friends on the app that I hold a streak with (now totaling 44 people). The problem is I’ve been completely zoned out of the excitement surrounding me by the time I get a satisfying picture, and though I’m aware of this ridiculousness, I still continue to do it because I’m worried about the wilderness outside of social media… It must be freezing out there, right?

I guess this current boomerang generation of stressed out teenagers can add vanity to their sizable list of attributes, because I’m not alone in this competition of attempting to prove the excitement of my life through snaps.

The problem isn’t just snapchat – it’s something do to with the relationship between teens and small, easily accessible cameras, but the constant temptation of the streak is why it’s emphasized in the ghostly app of quickly dissolving images. I remind you to ask yourself if you’re really there in the fun of your surroundings next time you snap (I sure need to).


Author: thelukehutch

Mason '19

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